Moments of Life

Life is good if we live according to our will and it is truly wonderful if we faith in Him. An absolute faith simply means “to believe is to see.” I wonder why I have a strong faith. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in lots of trouble for so many times but I was able to manage it with peaceful mind and brave heart. I’m not perfect and I’m anxious most of the time but I can’t explain how I was able to find the inner peace within me. The only thing I know is that I close my eyes and listen to my soul when everything is out of control.

Moments of life, is my idea of how things work towards perfection. A person might struggle so many times but success is definitely waiting if we believe in it. Although things are not happening the way we want it to be, I know that it’s happening the way it should be. I might say that everything is according to fate or it is according to the fate we created for ourselves. Nevertheless, life goes on even if we take action or not as it is like a continuous stream of change. You may agree or you may not, but the truth behind life’s events is totally unknown.

I remember the days when I’m happy and I’m also sad. I made a decision to leave in order for me to find the way. I just can’t forget those moments of life. I truly feel wonderful and blessed because all of those things happened. If I have a wish, at least I want to experience the same thing again although it’s only possible in my dreams. Another wish is to hold on to the present and face my destiny. I might not be strong enough and I have lot of things to learn but I believe that I’m already grown. I’ll spend the rest of my days finding Your Will for only You who knows what’s best for me and for all.

Note: To my friend, who’s in total confusion right now, don’t loose hope. I’ve been confused too before but I continue to hold on. Don’t let go and continue to believe. You’re just facing moments of life’s sadness and pain but maybe, happiness is just waiting. Never stop believing.


About Oscar Duyor

I'm a simple type of person who loves to learn different things in life. For me life is more than just living. It is like an journey to search for the truth and a continuous evolution to become a better person. My favorite motto in life is "Live your life to the fullest.." Nobody knows what lies ahead that is why you only have today to live, love, and share your life to others.
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